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Mike, just a word of encouragement. Young kids in the home are a black hole for time, which is as it should be. Write when you can, and take the time to read some good stuff too. At least Gorimm won't take as long to write as GRRM's A Dance With Dragons. At least, I hope not.


You're the greatest Mike. All the best and enjoy your time with the children :).

p.s. Since Leishman's is gone in Ottawa, is there any chance you might find another retailer?


Hey Mike,
I've been wondering for awhile when that 4th book was going to come out so I decided to go to the website. I see what you're doing with the final two books so take your time because I want them to be a killer ending to the series.
I have been a fan for a long time and read your first three books several times, the plot development is fantastic and I am always caught looking at the clock and it being hours later than when I began. Good luck with your final two books, can't wait!

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