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Hey Mike. I just finished Aeldenwood and loved it and now I want to buy H'Rothgarr and Aerinstone. How much do they cost? Are they in the same format as Aeldenwood? Are there any plans to release them as ebooks? Thanks!


Hey Mike, awesome book series! I'm curious: did you ever try to send these books to a publisher, like Tor? Since there's such an interest in the series, I'm sure they (any publisher) would consider it. That's at least how Eragon got published...


Are you still working on Gorimm? Will there be another blog post soon?

philly pa

just curious, whats the latest on book 4?

philly pa

hey how about a update you owe your readers at least that much.


Hello Mike,

Just wanted to drop you a line and wish you the best. I hope all is well with you and yours. Curiously, any news on Gorimm? No hard feelings either way, but I've been dying to read it ever since I finished Aerinstone last year =).

Thanks from Ottawa!

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