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Pierre Gratton

I'm overdue in sending you a note of congratulations. It was worth the wait, but the suspense continues. Can't wait for Aerinstone -- get to work!

Ryan Lesperance

Hey Mike, It's Ryan, you remember me don't you? You used to work with my mom. Anyways loved the books 1 and 2. 3 will be amazing I bet considering you are very talented. Anyways will you be doing any book signings or anything closer to me than those locations? E-mail me if you are, you have my address hopefully.

Pete Marston, England

Hi Mike

Just finished reading your first book - I stumbled into your parents book shop in Canada a year ago and your Mum did a good job of selling me the book, prior to me knowing you were her son.

Really enjoyed the book and looking forward to getting my hands on the second book.

Good work

Pete Marston

Dave Dudley

Hey Mike,
Congratulations! I now have another serial fantasy book I'm anxiously waiting for!!! Aerinstone! Great work. Keep at it! lol
Dave Dudley Spencerville ON

Pierre Gratton

Haven't checked in recently. How's book 3 coming along? Any news to post?

Ryan Lesperance

I was also wondering the same thing until mom told me what you told her. I will tell you that I am sooooo excited for book 3. Make sure to tell my mom on some updates because I don't want to be out of the loop. You know me...I'm impatient!And I wasn't sure if my mom was telling the truth...Book 3 is coming in December?

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