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K. Grødahl

Fantastic news, I'll be requesting one of those make the journey to the cold coast of Norway the second it's out proper.

Lise Kirkham

This is Awesome can't wait to order it online. We have been great fans of yours since we read your first book, hope all goes well with the 4th book.

Again Thank you for the wonderful world you created.

Pierre Gratton

I am a big fan of your series and have corresponded with you before. I used to live in Ottawa but have now moved to Vancouver. How can I get a copy of Aerinstone (as soon as possible, I can't wait.

Ryan Lesperance

Mike...You gotta talk to my mom! You don't know how restless I've been waiting for your third book. Congrats on the twins by the way! So yeah...You call my mom at work or vice versa...Keep up the good work.

Also stop by the forum...Tell your fans about it. I'm cleaning and fixing it up. So yeah. If you need the link...Just send me an E-mail.

Sarah Bouladier

I just wanted to say...
Did you forget about me?
I'm little, and you used to play on my nitendo 64 with my mom ( she used to beat you too! ;) )
I haven't heard from you in forever!!!
If you get this, and have time, I'd love to hear from you!
(If not, I'll steal your e-mail adress! ;) )
Talk to you really soon I hope!
By the way, in case you're still racking your brains trying to figure out who the heck this is...
Sarah Bouladier! (Lisa's daughther! )
Congrats on EVERYTHING!


Hello Mike. I recently bought Aeldenwood off of BarnesandNoble.com and am eagerly awaiting its arrival. I am curious, though--have you considered putting your books on Kindle at Amazon.com? It is free to put them on there, I believe, and I would really like to by H'rothgarr and Aerinstone on it. Thanks!

Rick Townsend

Hey Mike, Aerinstone was awesome! Took a while to get down to NZ (I got mum to bring it instead of paying to post it), but most definitely worth the wait. I've re-read the first two several times, and keep finding more subtle story threads each time. Well done!

I second the call for ebook formats! I'm treasuring my signed copies, but I bring my favourite books on the bus with me on my iPod Touch. I'd totally pay for a second copy to have always handy. I see that www.Lulu.com now does ebook formats on request.

Well done, and let us know how the new book is coming along! (Need a proof reader?) :)


Dear Mike,

Are you still working on Gorimm? Are you going to do another blod post soon?



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