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K. Grødahl

Do you plan to have it availible through Leeds County Books this time around again? Last time I had to directly contact them via mail to have it shipped; not that this is an issue, merely curious as to what your plans are.

That, and eagerly anticipating it.

Secret Agent Man

Epic books, about to read the 3rd instalment soon. I think so far from what i'v read, it would be criminal not to make them into films. I loved the Saga so far and think the novels would make some of the best films that would outclass the Harry Potter film series. Seriously I would love to see this in film, Wouldn't take much work, you paint such vivid and detailed scenes with your words its as if i'm watching the book in my head as I read. It's incredible. Millions would watch if you made them into FILMS!!!!
p.s if you do take your time with them please, people can wait an extra year or two for it to be the best film of all time rather than just good.

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